West 14th Marketing Group was built to help small and medium-sized businesses improve communication with digitally-minded audiences

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Our Company Ethos

Marketing in the digital era can turn into a chaotic land-grab of impressions and inflated metrics that don’t drive ROI or even correlate with real business results.

Communicating with people (even in digital advertising) can be purpose-driven and authentic. Working with West 14th Marketing Group, your marketing will drive measurable results.

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Our Work

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Our Expertise

Kristine M. Newman

I’m a San Diego local who spent 19 years in NYC working with a variety of awesome consumer brands on the strategy and execution of award-winning integrated campaigns.

Most recently, I led the Media team across all traditional and digital paid channels at Petco. Prior to that, I was the SVP, Digital Products and Solutions at BCW Global, one of the world’s largest, full-service, global communications agencies.

I’m also a board member and advisor to mBolden, a 12,000-member global organization that connects, inspires and champions women in mobile, digital and tech industries.

My specialties:

Interactive strategy and campaign development, management & leadership, digital product design & development (voice activated assistants, adaptive websites, mobile applications), social media (strategy, content, promoted), analytics (on-site, engagement, campaign, media mix). Experienced speaker and industry advocate.

Kristine M. Newman, Managing Director of West 14th Marketing Group.

Experience with top-tier brands

Coca Cola, Colgate Palmolive, Petco, Pfizer, Procter & Gamble, Chevron, CFM, Bayer, Hershey's
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Location and Contact

Located in sunny, San Diego, California.

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